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I'm moving my blog to blogspot because it let's me use my html and css without a fee.
 Here's link adress to my new blog:



Sound to Animation

Here’s a quick demo of how you can “transform” audio to animation.

Full source code: Here
Download SWF: Here
Sorry the code is not optimized at all, but you can get a hang of it if you really want.


Squaretron Game

New awsome game, Squaretron for Facebook has arrived!
Join today and compete with your friends to get a higher score.

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Simple Catching Game

Screenshot of Catching game
This is a simple catching game.

It’s still under development so stay tuned for updates 😉
UPDATE: No can do.. Have no time for this.. sorry..

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Analog Countdown timer

analog countdown timer

This is a pretty much simple analog countdown timer. It only supports integer numbers,
because I lost the .FLA file and this version won’t let you write a dot there. So very easy to use, with alarm.

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Simple Horizontal Gallery

made by Gio Nadirashvili

This is a simple horizontal gallery, which is very easy to make.

You just need to define your arrows as buttons and then bind the interactions you want to them.

It was made in Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5

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First Launch!

Flash Logo

Hello everyone!
The site has just launched. I will try to make it comfortable for you to use it.
Thank you for your time and attention.
For contact information please visit the About page.